Lifelong development of the whole person. Free access to all systems of knowledge. Literacy. Planetary Citizenship. Unfolding of innate wisdom.

At the right side of the Wheel, Peace through Education holds the heart of the work of Pathways To Peace, balanced by Religion/Spiritual Teaching on the left. We recognize the value of learning in empowering people to act with intelligence, goodwill, and purpose. Education should be available and affordable to every human being. The Internet and computers are offering an opportunity for continuous learning and creative communication, making huge bodies of knowledge accessible to individuals globally. Spiritual (ethical) education needs to be developed for the new millennium. We need to teach Peacebuilding skills, and to train our young people to be Peace leaders. Pathways To Peace historically has sponsored many young Peace leaders at various conferences and gatherings around the world.

Dr. Robert Muller has developed a new curriculum emphasizing education of every aspect of a human being, so that the individual receives a global and cosmic concept of life and his relationship to humanity, nature, and the cosmos. Entitled the World Core Curriculum, schools have been established worldwide using Dr. Muller's model.

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