Harmonious inter-relationship of the physical, emotional, mental, and Soul levels. Resolving conflicts within self and society. Harmless human relationships. Partnership models. Psychologies of growth.

Health is often times described as the absence of disease or injury just as peace is often times described as the absence of war. Both descriptions fall short.

Perhaps rather than the absence of disease, health can be thought of as a harmony occurring within the body -- more like an orchestra. Our physical body with all of its complex systems, our emotional body containing our feelings, our mental body with our thoughts and ideas are all under the guidance of our master conductor - our Spiritual Body.

If one section of the "orchestra" - be it physical, emotional or mental - is out of sync with any other, there is still a symphony -- it simply may not sound as melodious. Even if one "instrument", for instance the digestive system, is not keeping tempo, the entire orchestra is affected. When there is there is a sense of peace among our bodies and parts, we are at peace with good health.

Relationships also thrive in a peaceful environment - no matter if we are talking about a couple, a family, a city or a country. When we get to the point where our differences are celebrated rather than judged or feared and when people truly listen to each other, right relationship will be the norm rather than the exception.