Scientific research, technological and noetic development for evolutionary unfoldment of all life. Inner and outer space exploration.

Peace through Science is significant, because modern science shapes our fundamental world view, including our perceptions of the nature of human beings, our institutions, and our societies. Because science impacts both collective thought worldwide and global institutions, the role of Science in the ongoing Peacebuilding Inquiry is crucial to the work of building cultures of Peace for the children of this and future generations.

Hopefully, the gap will continue to be bridged between science (knowledge of universal laws and their applications, currently confined to physical plane only), and religion (knowledge of universal laws through all kingdoms to the Soul level, and their application to humanity's behavior). When humanity realizes that there are Moral Laws which cannot be evaded, which exist beyond any religious dogma, and which are simply basic harmonizing principles in Nature, women and men will start to practice peaceful co-existence because IT WORKS, and they will experience BENEFITS from doing so.

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