Your financial support enables us to work for Peace, by:

  • Promoting and documenting the International Day of Peace.
  • Providing consulting services to other non-profits.
  • Offering education and training in peacebuilding.
  • Participating in international conferences.
  • Continuing to strengthen the work of existing Peace organizations worldwide.
  • Supporting PTP consultation at the United Nations.
  • Mentoring young Peace leaders.

  • Updating the Culture of Peace Initiative, (CPI) website to serve the 3,000 organizations and countless projects in 200 nations that Participate in this intergenerational, intercultural local/global Peacebuilding initiative. PTP serves as international secretariat of CPI, and additional funding is needed to support the website and the CPI Coordination Team.

  • Launching the TBL21 Initiative (Triple Bottom Line for the 21st Century) in South Oregon. This is Phase 3 of the fifteen year long PeaceBuilding Through Business program of PTP. We are educating government, business and academia in TBL 21 practices, and consulting with businesses on sustainable implementation of the practices. Over 10 university students currently intern with us, with 2009 goals of 50 new business members to reduce total energy consumption by 3%, develop a TBL21 video series, Eco-Tracker and training program, and develop the TBL 21 Business Leaders Network to support green business projects regionally. Branding will be accelerated through a TBL21 certificate and sticker program.

To donate by mail, please send your check to the following address:

Pathways To Peace
PO Box 1057
Larkspur, CA 94977

To donate online, click on the link below. All online donations are managed by Network for Good, an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose goal is to connect people to charities via the Internet. In addition to connecting the public with opportunities to give, Network for Good works to advance nonprofit adoption of the Internet as a tool for fundraising, volunteer recruitment and community engagement. When you use this service, 3% of the donated amount will go to Network for Good as processing costs.

Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you!