The Peace Wheel © is a model for Peacebuilding, developed by Pathways To Peace over the last 25 years. It consists of eight sectors, or pathways, that are interconnected and that symbolize different ways that people can help build Peace. These pathways transcend national, ethnic, racial, religious, age, or gender differences; they are common to every society:

Rainbow-hued interlocking infinity symbols, aligned to the four directions, circle out and back to the green mother center which is Earth. These infinity symbols, like the exalted feminine eight, include all circles of life and all expressions within their embrace. The protective, mothering spirit of Nature, strong in Law and seemingly eternal in patience, encircles each individual living entity, urging each one along its own evolutionary pathway. "PEACE" is recognized as both an innate state of Being, and a dynamic evolutionary process wherein constructive growth can occur and the children of this and future generations may gain hope for a better world to inherit.

The Peace Wheel © is used (and continuously modified) in diverse ways, such as a working model for international conferences and organizations, Peacebuilding symposia, and for the International Day of Peace.